Limited Liability Company «Eka» («Ekkonen-Audit») was established in 1995. State registration certificate number 2936 issued by the Administration of the Frunze district of St. Petersburg March 9, 1995.

Certificate: Series 78 005 794 563 number of entry in the Companies House on February 3, 2003 for number 1037835013325, issued by the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service number 15 in St. Petersburg.

LLC «Eka» is part of the consulting group Ekkonen. Our company was founded in 1995 as a separate independent audit advisory group direction. The structure of the consulting group «Ekkonen» includes areas such as legal, business training, evaluation, and others. All these areas work together and cover a variety of activities. The future depends on the company to adapt to changes, which is why we decided to work together.

The company is a member of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce since 2008. Identification No 33-1847.

The company is a member of «Audit Chamber of St. Petersburg» from 10. 03. 1995, ie from the day of its existence.

The company is a member of «Audit Chamber of Russia» (accredited professional audit association, the order of the RF Ministry number 455 from 01. 10. 2009) of 14 July 2003 in the register 572.

The total registration record number (ORNZ) LLC «Eka» — 10201002592.

Auditor’s Responsibility insured in OJSC «Alfa Insurance» in the amount of 10 million rubles.

Director of the firm Sedavkina Elena and chief auditor Solovyov Irina started their audit activities in 1992. The first examination for obtaining certificates for the right to engage in auditing was commissioned in 1993 and received the first qualification certificate issued Sedavkinoy EA decision Attestation Commission under the Finance Committee and the Audit Chamber of the City Hall of St. Petersburg, and the qualification commission, created by the Audit Chamber of St. Petersburg even before the Presidential Decree «On audit activity in the Russian Federation.»

Over the years, the audit firm has formed a competent, professional team of auditors and experts in different sectors and areas of audit activity.

The company employs 17 full-time employees, as well as professionals involved in contracts. Of 7 people working professionals have a qualification certificate for the right to audit activities general audit. Specialist is certified to carry out activities in the field of audit exchanges, non-budgetary Fund’s investment institutions, 4 specialists have a single certificate.

Articles Company specialists were published in Russian newspapers and magazines such as «Accounting», «Economics and time», «Business Inform», as well as in the magazine «Acquisition International The Voice of Corporal Finance».

The success of our work provide love to the selected business and the ability to make the right decisions.


Elena Sedavkina


Irina Solovyova

Chief Auditor

Natalia Adolfovna

Deputy CEO

Lead auditor of the company

Elena Romanchenko

Elena Suvorova

Olga Serguchenko

Yulia Tsygankova